Welcome to Cassiopeia Designs / Bienvenue sur Cassiopeia Designs!

CDesigns offered tubes and web goodies durings severals years.
CDesigns still continue to share stuffs with you, but instead of coding a membership area, we will send you items by email each week.

CDesigns a offert des tubes et d'autres graphiques web durant des années.
CDesigns continue d'offrir ces graphiques, mais au lieu de coder un abonnement privée, vous recevrez le tout par courriel une fois par semaine.

You receive 1 tubes packs each week of your membership
+ some web goodies here and here!

Cassiopeia Designs memberships

Include for 3 months of membership,
your receive a minimum of:
★ 18 tubes packs
★ 2 web layouts
★ 7 bonus goodies

3 MONTHS = 35$ CAD
Less than 1.95$ by tubes pack

6 MONTHS = 55$ CAD
Less than 1.52$ by pack

12 MONTHS = 85$ CAD
Less than 1.18$ by pack

24 MONTHS = 125$ CAD
Less than 0.86$ by pack

Email me following information:
- Membership wanted
- Your Nickname or Name to use
- Your website Name and URL

Renew your membership:
3 MONTHS = 30$ CAD
6 MONTHS = 50$ CAD
12 MONTHS = 80$ CAD
24 MONTHS = 105$ CAD

Please, read the rules:

You cannot share/sell the tubes for your own profit, nor modify it and claim that is your.

You can sell finish products made with our tubes as sigtag, premade, web layout for sample.

Selling mean in your shop, or share into your private paid membership area.

Any questions, email me!

You were a lifetime member before? email me your information to receive your acces again!